What is Flexi-Mum?

Flexi-Mum is a new project, run by Opportunity Plus South West, to support Mums in Devon and Somerset in finding the right work-life balance for them and their families.  We have an emphasis on self employment, but can support any Mum – whether she chooses to take a break from work, is looking for employment, or returning to her existing employment after maternity leave.  We can also help you identify suitable training and volunteering opportunities.

We encourage peer support amongst the Mums we meet – whatever you are going through, another Mum will have been there and can probably offer you some support.  Get involved by sharing your work-life balance story or tips here on the blog, and on our Facebook group.

As an employed, self employed, and volunteering Mum of two young boys who is also planning a wedding, I will use this partly as a personal blog about my quest for the perfect work-life balance, alongside the blog I write for Opportunity Plus South West which is about self employment in general.

I hope you enjoy it!  If you’d like to write a guest post or complete an interview for either blog please get in touch!  Call 0800 043 2440, comment below, or use our Facebook page.

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