Flexi-Mum on Facebook

Through the Flexi-Mum project, we hope to inspire you, to build your confidence, and to help you get closer to the perfect work-life balance.  One way in which we think this works best, is through you speaking to each other, sharing your worries and experiences and supporting each other through difficult and exciting times.  Please join our Flexi-Mum group on Facebook to be a part of this.  Everyone we meet has an inspirational story to tell – whether it’s dealing with the difficulties of starting a family and coming through it, or starting your own business.  Just having the opportunity to speak to someone who is a month or two behind where you are can really support them coming forward, and give you a boost in the process!

One of the first Mums we met with the project was still on maternity leave.  She was really worried about settling her daughter into nursery so that she could return to work.  This is a completely normal concern that most of us go through at some point, but few of us actually get any real support with.  A group of Mums that I met recently described it as a “black cloud” hovering over their maternity leave.  Having a group like this on Facebook gives you an opportunity to express your worries and know that you’re not alone.

And, of course, if you would like additional support from our advisors, please call us on 0800 043 2440, or access our Virtual Services.


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