Babies About Town

Babies About Town is the “brain baby” of Emma and Kathryn. We had always wanted to develop an independent business and maternity leave provided us with the perfect opportunity; especially when we both had little girls just days apart. Set up in September 2012, Babies About Town is still very much in its infancy but is growing fast. The inspiration for the concept came from the desire to get out and about with our little girls but there were no resources that seemed to be able to tell us what we could do. From personal searching we found a wealth of great small businesses offering baby activities and services with a personal touch. We also met some wonderful and interesting people.

Our business – Babies about Town aims to provide parents with babies access to information about local services, shops and activities in and around Warwickshire. Warwickshire is a beautiful and vibrant county, with good schools and transport networks it is easy to understand why so many people choose to bring up their families here. Finding out where to go as a parent with limited free time, which shops cater for little ones and the range of activities on offer can be difficult. Babies About Town works to provide all of this information in one place.

With a popular blog, sharing our experiences of being a new parent, and a website which lists the places to shop, things to do and places to eat with a new baby we hope we have filled the gap! It is free for businesses to list their company with Babies About Town and we offer paid for advertising opportunities as well, which offers a cost effective marketing tool for small, local businesses. Each month we select one Warwickshire business to work with as our brand of the month; we are always on the lookout for something unique which we want to share. Babies About Town have a strong online profile so come and find us on Facebook and Twitter to find out more about what is on in and around Warwickshire.

We are currently in the process of organising our first baby show, which will be a fun and interactive afternoon where parents can come and meet the people who provide brilliant baby products and services in the local area. There will be an opportunity to sign up to classes and get more information about what is on. This will be the first of many baby shows, and whilst it will be a great day for parents it will also provide a platform for the many small independent businesses in the local area that provide fantastic services for parents. Especially in the current climate the Babies About Town philosophy is all about supporting local independent businesses and championing those who work hard to provide unique and quality goods and services.

Babies About Town is at the start of an exciting journey and there are exciting and busy times ahead. We are looking forward to providing a fantastic set of services that benefits new parents and independent local businesses. For anyone reading this and thinking of starting a up a business the best piece of advice we were given was that “If you don’t work towards your own dream, you will only end up employed pursuing someone else’s.”


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