Team Tea

A couple of years ago I was at my friend’s house playing with our three young children.  It was coming up to 5pm and we were having yet another “What are you doing for dinner, I can’t think of anything” chat.  Almost every day, dinner hangs over me like a black cloud – trying to think something that’s quick and easy to make, that’s moderately healthy, that I have all the ingredients in for, and that everyone will eat – it’s hard, and we resort to frozen pizza far too often!

So we decided to start something called “Team Tea”.  Every Thursday night we take it in turns to cook.  The Mum who’s not cooking looks after the (now four) children whilst the other Mums makes dinner in (relative) peace.  Now, I don’t know about you, but if I’m just making dinner for myself I’m more than happy with a bowl of cereal/beans on toast.  But I love spending time making a proper meal for guests.

So once a week we are guaranteed to have a proper meal that is eaten around the table.  And more importantly, once a fortnight we don’t have to do any washing up!!  The kids love it, they either eat with us, or just before and then go and play whilst we eat.  We love it, we usually have pudding and a bottle of wine, and now that we’re back at work it gives us a chance to have a proper catch up which might not otherwise happen.

If you find dinnertimes stressful, I recommend finding a friend to pair up with to do something like this, and you can start enjoying dinner time again!  It’s not quite going out for dinner, but it’s not far off.  In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s better – it’s cheaper, you don’t need a babysitter, and you can still have an early night if you need one!


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