Rocket & Co.

Becoming a Mum seems to bring out our creativity (I think maybe after we’ve managed to make something as beautiful and perfect as a baby we feel like we can make anything!), and lots of Mums start crafting.  We meet lots of Mums who have started making their own products and want to start up a business selling them.  Rocket & Co. is one example of a Mum who has done this really successfully.

Susie Thomas is from Taunton in Somerset.  She has a degree in Illustration and had been working as a Designer before she had her first child in 2011.  Her previous job had involved long hours and a long commute, so she wasn’t able to continue with it after she became a mother.  Her sister asked her to make something to sell at a stall at an event she was hosting, and Rocket & Co. was born!  She makes beautiful, individual artworks from recycled and often vintage bits and bobs – buttons, maps, scrabble tiles, comic books.   She had intended for Rocket & Co. to be a sideline to her freelance illustration work, but it has taken off and she now finds that she spends most of her time on it!

I get a huge amount of satisfaction and pleasure from creating and developing the ideas I have and having the freedom to work on projects I feel excited by.

These are Susie’s tips for anyone wanting to start their own business:

If the business you’re starting is something you feel passionately about then I think that’s the most important thing, as you will always have the enthusiasm and drive to work your hardest on it.   If you work from home and have a child try and have a space that is behind a closed door to work in, it’s very easy to get distracted by your nearest and dearest!   Make sure you register as self employed, keep all business related receipts, record all sales and try and have a system!   Enjoy being your own boss and remember why you’re doing it!

Read the full interview with Susie here.

If you’d like to start your own business selling products that you have made yourself, get in touch on 0800 043 2440.  As well as helping you get set up, we could even arrange a focus group for you to gain feedback on your products.


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