What is a Pop-up Shop?

Pop-up Shops are a way for businesses to have a shop front for a short period of time, saving on rent costs, and giving businesses an opportunity to raise brand awareness and meet with their customers.

Pop-up shops may be open for one day, a weekend, a week, a month – it all depends on the location you choose and what you are hoping to gain from the experience.

Pop-up shops can be opened in vacant shops, and could help to bring empty high streets back to life by encouraging people back into the town centre.  Many landlords would prefer to have short term rental agreements than have their shops sitting empty.

Locally, in Exeter, before Christmas there were two fantastic examples of Pop-up Shops.  Firstly for a couple of days each month, the Natural Nursery held a Pop-up Shop in McCoy Arcade, Fore Street.  This gave customers a chance to try out products like cloth nappies and slings, before committing to buying them online.  These products are hard to find on the High Street and opportunities to see them up close to compare and try are few and far between.

John Lewis opened a new store in Exeter last year, but for the six weeks before opening the full store, they opened a Pop-up Shop to showcase a selection of what was going to be on offer in the full store.  If you are thinking about opening a shop, you might consider using this model to gain feedback on your choice of products, layout, branding and so on, before committing to a longer lease.

Have you been to any Pop-up Shops?  Would you consider doing one for your business?


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